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  • What Indoor Accommodation is available?
    We have 2 Indoor Pack Holiday blocks; The Aylesford & Alfrey Lodge.
    The Aylesford - Sleeps 24 (Bunk Beds) in 6 bedrooms comprising of 2x6, 2x4 & 2x2. Also a separate disabled toilet & shower. Fully gas centrally heated double glazed.
    Alfrey Lodge - Sleeps 26 (Bunk Beds) in 6 bedrooms comprising of 3x6, 1x4 & 2x2. Also a separate disabled toilet & shower. Fully gas centrally heated and double glazed.
  • Why are your hire charges for buildings so reasonable?
    This is because we charge a flat rate for buildings and then our camp fees in addition to the building fee, this means you then pay only for the number of people using the building, and not for lots of empty beds.
  • Can we use our own Instructors for activities and do we pay a reduced charge?
    All our crew are volunteers, our prices do not include a cost for the instructors therefore if you run the activities yourself, there is no change to the price if using all our equipment.
  • How much notice do I need to give to book Activities?
    We need as much notice as possible to arrange for activity instructors, But as a minimum we need 6 weeks prior to the booking.
  • When should I pay the final bill?
    The remainder of your bill, should be paid on the last day of your booking when the final invoice can be calculated. If your organisation can only issue payments once an invoice has been raised, please let us know at time of booking and we will issue a proforma invoice and then adjust accordingly. Otherwise all bookings should be paid prior to your departure, so please ensure you have a method of payment. Payments can only be accepted in cash or by cheque.
  • What happens if we cancel our booking?
    Regrettably you will loss your deposit.
  • What happens if I downgrade our booking?
    While we appreciate your plans may have changed, however if you give us less than 4 weeks notice before the event, and we are unable to re-hire the accommodation you will be charged at the rates for your original booking. For example if you had booked both the Alfrey and Aylesford and reduced it to just the Aylesford, if we don't get a booking for the other building, then you would be charged for both buildings, camp fees will be charged at the normal rates.
  • What catering equipment is included in the buildng hire?
    6 * Chopping Boards in stand 5 * Billies with lids 1 * Billie without lid 9 * Assorted Oven Trays 1 * Metal Colander 4 * Trays 1 * Small Plastic Mixing Bowl 2 * Large Plastic Mixing Bowls 2 * Saucepans 2 * Large Frying Pans 1 * Small Frying Pan 2 * Large Measuring Jugs 1 * Small Jug 2 * Jugs with lids 1 * Washing up bowl 1 * Toaster 1 * Microwave 1 * Electric Urn 1 * Oven Gloves 1 * Fixed Tin Opener 1 * Box of Kitchen Knives 1 * Box of Cooking utensils 4 * Tables 8 * Benches.
  • What catering equipment is not provided in the buildings?
    We do not provide Mugs, Plates, Bowls or Knives/Forks/Spoons. All other equipment is listed above.
  • Whats included on a full site booking?
    You have exclusive use of the campsite, this includes the use of all buildings for the weekend, it covers all your camp fees, so the more on site the less it works out to per head. The only thing left to pay for is activities.
  • What Toilet Facilities are available on site?
    We have Male & Female toilets both containing Hot water and Shower facilities. All toilet facilities on site are maintained on a regular basis.
  • What Adventurous Activities do I need Parental Consent For?
    You only require consent for Air Rifle/Pistol Shooting.
  • What Activities are available for Free?
  • If I am Camping where can I wash up my cooking and eating utensils?
    There is a large sink provided outside the end of the Toilet Block. Groups have to provide own washing up material.
  • If I am Camping is there a Freezer we can use?
    Yes you can find the freezer at the back on teh office in a Green Storage Box. THis is available fo all campers. Please Mark your items in the Freezer to avoid issues.
  • Can I hire marquees/additional tables and benches?
    We have 3 large 8mtr by 4mtr Marquees, will be available for hire. Each Marquee will sit 64 people confortably.

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